About Perfumes

What is Perfume?
Perfume is a scent which consist of essential oils and alcohol we normally use depending on fashion whims. The scent actually enhance the feel of skin and smell of the body to boost self-esteem or confidence in humans.

Fragrance Category
There are many categories for fragrance in the market such as Floral, Oriental, Chypre, Green Marine and Fruit. Actually even more categories are found in the market, but I'm just listing the major categories.
Why do we need Perfumes?
Perfume is something magical and beyond the scent of smells, some uses it as a hobby and they enjoy how it smells like. Perfumes can change our mood depending on the scent of it, imagine when you're sleepy and someone pass you with a very refreshing smell, you'll most probably be energetic. Perfume also is the art of our nose, it make us feel good around other people and it gives satisfaction to ourself. Most importantly fragrance is the intergral part of who we are and how we want to be perceived.

When do we need Perfumes?
Perfumes can be use anytime, anyday, and anywhere. It depends on individuals when is the preferable time to put them on. Perfumes can be use during a day out with your special ones, Casual Wear, Company Meetings, Sports, Night Out, and Special Occasion depending on individual personality.

How to apply Perfumes?
To apply Perfumes, pulse point is one of the famous part of the body where people tend to put on. Such as wrist, neck, chest, behind ears, and behind knees. Please take note not to rub the scent all over your body with a spray on your hand, because it may cause your perfume to last for a short period. That is why mostly people will be facing problems with their scent, saying it doesnt last long, doesnt project well, can't smell it after some time. So please bare in mind, if you rub your perfume it will not last long. But if your perfume is really strong and long lasting example Joop Pour Homme, rubbing is a must since over applying smells cloying and annoying.

Understanding Perfume Notes.
Basically there are total of three notes in every perfumes which is known as the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Top Notes is the scent of first impression you got from the bottle of perfume when you spray them on, normally for Top Notes the lasting power is around 15 - 30 minutes and it changes slowly to the middle notes. Middle Notes is also known as the Heart Notes in Perfumes, the smell will be softer compared to Top Notes and Lastly it changes to Base Notes, this is the stage where you'll be with for the rest of your day. Base Notes will stick to your skin until the scent is totally wipe off.

Having the right Perfume at the right time.
Normally people will only go for one bottle or maximum two bottles of perfumes, after using them up they will restock with the same perfume they have been using. This is not a wise choice as using the same perfume over and over again will create boredom to people around you and yourself. There are tons of perfumes available in the market and each year there's more than 50 new perfumes in the Market. In order to have the right Perfume, we must at least have more than 3 perfumes in our collection to spice up our daily life. For example, keep a woody smell perfume for a night out with your special ones, use a bottle of Marine perfume for your daily college classes, and use a bottle of perfume with spice for some formal meetings, try to put more colors and choices in your life. :)

Scent and your skin.
There are basically three types of skin, Oily skin, Dry skin and sensitive skin. For people with oily skin, the scent will last longer on you compared to the dry skin. It is because oily skin has more moisturizer to support the perfume. Sensitive skin is the type of skin which is sensitive to certain perfumes, do take note that if any red patches appears when you spray on your perfume seek advise from your doctors immediatly.

Tips for storing your perfumes.
Never expose your perfumes to heat or sunlight, by any means keep your beloved perfumes away and store them in a cool, dry and dark place. This will ensure your perfumes to last for a longer period.