FAQ / Terms and Conditions

Are the perfumes original and exactly the same as retails?
Yes, all perfumes that I'm selling are 100% original sealed in box. No fake, immitation, knock-off or rejected perfumes.

Why are the prices much cheaper compared to retail?
The reason why I'm able to market it with such cheap cost is because my business is online base, I don't need to spend on cost for rent etc. Second reason is because I'm buying them in quantity, so I'm able to get them in cheaper cost.

Can I be a reseller ?
Sure, you're always welcome to drop me an email for being a reseller. I'll come up with a plan for my resellers to make sure satisfaction comes first.


What is a tester?
Tester is basically supplied to departmental stores to allow customers to test perfumes scents. It comes without the actual box, most of them comes with either a brown or white box. At times it appears without cap. This is due to the fact that testers are meant to be left for testing purposes. Spray and go, but some models do include caps.

Is Tester unit a Reject Perfume?
Testers are NOT rejected perfumes. It is original with contents similar to that of supplied with actual box. At times, the concentration may be slightly higher but this is good as the smell would stay for a longer period.

How much cheaper is it from the actual packing?
Anything between RM20-50 for similar content.

Who is it suitable for?
If you're planning to give it as a gift, it is not recommended as the plain box may not look good.
However, if it is for personal use, it is highly recommended. Also, if the gift is for someone really close to you, example your partners, parents, or really close friends, as long as they understand, it shouldn't be a problem.


1)Orders will be made on every Wednesday for non-ready stocks perfume. Take note that I will only make order if there is minimum 4 bottles of perfumes ordered by customers on that week, or else all orders will be postponed to the following week.

2)Daily Perfume will not held responsibility for damage goods or lost goods which caused by the courier company. Daily Perfume will make sure all Goods will be checked and pack carefully before shipping it to customers.

3)Special Discounts will be given only to customers who are purchasing two or more perfumes.

4)All payment must be made before the dateline given, this is the ensure no backout orders and joy buyers.

Maybank Deposit

Dealing Method
Delivery Area
10am - 3pm : KDU College PJ SS13, Jaya One, PJ SS2
6pm onwards : Serdang, The Mines
Anytime : The Mines

One Bottle - RM10
Two Bottles - RM15
Three Bottles and Above - RM20