Saturday, September 4, 2010

Versace The Dreamer

Hey people, today I'm doing a review for another fragrance powerhouse company from Italy which is Versace. I do love Versace's products but of course for now it's almost impossible for me to get any Versace product since I can't afford them. But yeah the only thing that I can afford from Versace is The Dreamer. The Dreamer a truly beautiful fragrance and no words can describe how amazing it actually smells, before buying myself The Dreamer I was really curious about what it might smell like. Will I hate it, will I like it or will It be ending up in a trash bin? I have questioned myself over and over again until I actually bought it blindly based on the positive feedbacks given by other people who actually used The Dreamer.

Frankly speaking, after buying The Dreamer I'm really dawned into sweet dreams for a few days having this wonderful scent by my side. Everyone around me gives positive compliments saying that I smell really good, question me about the fragrance I'm using, I wish my boy friend smell as good as you etc. That's really an experience which is one of the most valuable things in my life.

*Glass bottle with Medusa Head popping out, neat and clean*
The Dreamer starts off with a little bit sharp and annoying for some people due to the overpowering Iris smell, but actually to me I kind of like the whole process of The Dreamer on my skin. I don't find the opening to be annoying on my skin, maybe my nose isn't allergic to strong scents I guess? Yeah this is the part where most of the people hated and giving up on The Dreamer just because of the Top Notes of it which is dominant by the sharp strong Iris scent.

Hey!! Stop hating The Dreamer just because the Top Notes isn't pleasing you guys much, when it actually goes on to the process of changing to the Middle Notes. It smells softer and also with some sweetness in it, I find it to be the most romantic scent by far I've ever encountered sniffing before. And after the middle notes, you'll actually get to smell some slight Iris scent and sweet tobacco. Imagine that you open an empty cigarette box and sniff it, that's the scent which you'll get for the Base Notes. But it smells way better than those tobacco found in cigarette box, it's really an experience which is valuable for me I would say.

Using The Dreamer makes me calm and peaceful, I even spray it on my bed before going to sleep sometimes to have some good dreams with sweet memories. Other than the scent, I find the bottle to be really attractive with the nice logo brand of Versace which is the Medusa head. It's really a recommended scent for men out there, having this scent by your side when you're out for a romantic night or even walking by the beach seeing stars with your girlfriend will totally win her heart. :)

The longer The Dreamer stays on your skin, the better it smells. So just give it sometime to develop on you and you'll be suprised that how great it smells. Altough I might wear it anytime, but I recommend to put The Dreamer on for special occasion and romantic date with your special ones. It's not recommended to use it everyday because using it everyday will make the scent a common one for your friends and special ones so if you want to have great result on it, use it for your special days. I find The Dreamer to last really long on my skin, when I spray it on sometimes in the morning around 10a.m it stays on me for at leas 10 hours or more. Sometime I can even smell the scent on the next day, I'm not sure if it's a mind game but the lasting power is certainly not a joke and also the projectivity is doing quite well.

Respect is given to Versace in the fragrance industry after trying out The Dreamer, well done for naming this fragrance The Dreamer as it really is a Dreamer's fragrance. It beats most of the fragrances available in the market by its unique romantic scent, so anyone of you planning to get The Dreamer better act fast before it's discountinued in the market.