Friday, September 10, 2010

Hugo Boss Bottled

Yes, I'm back again for a review which is going to be on Hugo Boss Bottled also known as Hugo Boss no.6. Boss Bottled was made in 1998 by a famous perfumer called Annick Menardo who is also the perfumer for Bvlgari Black which is one of my all time favourite fragrance for a night out. Back to Hugo Boss, I was so excited few days back before having this fragrance to be apart of my fragrance collection, I've actually smell this scent before on my friend who owns Hugo Bottled before me.

Honestly I was attracted to this scent from the very beginning when I sniff it. Hugo Boss don't really make good fragrances, but trust me Hugo Boss Bottled is a complete turn over from the others. It is by far the best fragrance to date I would say that you'll be smelling from Hugo Boss, nothing else in Hugo Boss range can beat this fragrance for it's uniqueness, projectivity and lasting power.

*Hugo Boss Bottled normal edition comes with 30ml/50ml/100ml*

*Hugo Boss Bottled Collector's Edition comes with 100ml*

Hugo Boss Bottled is a well blended fragrance in my opinion, the top notes for this fragrance consist of Apple, Bergamot and Cinnamon. As for the middle notes it's Tagete, Geranium, Clove and the Base Notes is made with Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Olivewood.

Let me first tell you that the first impression you'll be getting is a very heavy sweet scent which is similar to apple with some spice, and it's actually what I really love in this fragrance. The first impression comes with a strong spicy apple scent which is almost unforgettable, sweet and spicy and some ways which is really nice. It is something similar to Chanel Allure Sports Homme in my opinion, which have that sweet, woody, spicy smell in it. The dry down for Boss Bottled is truly classic although it smells much like the top notes, just that it is more woody, vanilla and powdery.

I recommend people to get this fragrance if you are really new to fragrance and you're planning to get your first bottle of fragrance without regrets. Simply because this is really easy to wear fragrance because of it's fresh apple notes and dries down to a woody powdery note. But if you're looking for a scent to make it your signature scent which not widely used by people yet, you might want to avoid this because I've gone through so many people in my college and I can smell that 15 out of 100 is using Hugo Boss Bottled which means it's really a famous fragrance and too common in public.

Boss Bottled can be used anytime and anywhere, if you're planning to use it for sports, casual, universities or night out it will make your day without worries. Projectivity wise I would give it a 8/10 for the top notes and 6/10 when it dries down. My mom can even smell it standing 4-5 feet away from me, and lasting power is a beast which sticks to your skin forever or should I put it as FOREVERRRR!! It last on me for at least 8 hours, even after having my shower the smell is still noticable but I'll have to be sniffing my wrist like mad to get the smell.

You guys might want to avoid over spraying, as it might get a little bit annoying and cloying for your nose. At least that's what I experienced few days back when I first got the fragrance, I was so excited and spray it on my body with 5 big shots on my wrist, chest and neck. Honestly after doing so, I regret that I took so much of the fragrance and it's seriously killing my nose. All you need is one spray on each wrist and one spray right in the middle of your neck and you're ready to go and impress all your friends.

Though this might be a good fragrance but it's not close to great yet, because there are still much better fragrances out there in the market. But this is one of the best and signature scent that Hugo Boss is having right now, and it's definitely worth purchasing and having it in your wardrobe. Thumbs up for Hugo Boss once again!

*Hugo Boss Bottled Commercial - ENJOY!!*