Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bvlgari Black - The Mysterious Dark Knight

First of all let me apologize to everyone out there especially my blog visitors and customers who waited for me to post a review on Bvlgari Black. I was extremely busy for the past few days preparing myself for upcoming mid term exams and rushing my assignments at the same time.

Today I'm here to share my experience on Bvlgari Black with you guys out there. Bvlgari Black is another fragrance which is made by a famous perfumer called Annick Menardo. If you guys read my review on Hugo Boss Bottled #6, you might have heard of this name Annick Menardo because he is the perfumer who created Hugo Boss Bottled as well. I must admit that both Bvlgari Black and Hugo Boss Bottled are both really good and unique scent.

*Bvlgari Black comes with 40ml/75ml*

Yup that's the actual look of Bvlgari Black, amazing isn't it? It comes with a glass bottle with black rubber surrounding the bottle with the wording BVLGARI engraved on the rubber. Same goes to the cap there's also engraved wording of BVLGARI on it and a tiny word BLACK engraved on the rubber surface found on the cap. The cap of Bvlgari Black is actually attached to it and you need to actually turn it inorder to make a spray of it. Don't worry if you don't understand what I'm trying to tell, you will know once you have it with you. I actually bought myself a tester unit for Bvlgari Black and I seriously regretted doing so, because tester units does not include the cap and that's actually what makes the perfume bottle a charm.

Bvlgari Black is actually a unisex fragrance but majority men users. The thing I love about Bvlgari frangrances is because of their signature scent which is the Tea Note, for certain period the smell of tea can make us really calm and peaceful. Let's talk about the notes category for Bvlgari Black right now, the top notes consist of Lapsang Souchang Tea, Bergamot and Jasmine. The Middle Notes consist of Cedar, Sandalwood and Leather, while the Base Notes consist of Amber, Musk and Vanilla.

Bvlgari Black is a very unique smelling fragrance, I will explain the reason why I said that it's a unique fragrance, so please read on and not pressing the X button alright. The first Impression from Black is the smell of burning rubber, it is not like those cheap rubber smell which you smell from your eraser or anything that is made from rubber. It comes out with a burst of very fresh burning rubber smell for the top notes, that's all you'll be getting for the top notes. Most people will find it to be quite unpleasant for others, but trust me it smells really good and unique as it dries down to the middle notes.

After the Fresh/Burning Rubber smell, you'll be getting a mixture of vanilla together with the burning rubber. So just imagine that you're smelling a vanilla flavoured ice cream while opening a room which is lock for years and the rubber smell is extremely strong when you open the door. That's what exactly you'll be getting from the middle notes, as it dries down to the base notes the smell turns slightly softer with some sweet vanilla powedery with some mixture of leathery smell to it. It smells really nice and extremely unique, and I promise you that you will never smell anything close to Bvlgari Black in the market.

I recommend people to get this black unique perfume no matter what happens. You must try this out and have it in your collection, because it will be a great fragrance for a special occasion at night. To me I don't really use it often, because it makes me dizzy for using it everyday. That is because when I first got Bvlgari Black, I only have two fragrance in my collection at that time one of it is Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gior and the second fragrance in my collection is Bvlgari Black. So at that time I only have these two fragrances with me, so what I do is I used Bvlgari Black for 7 days per week, during the day and night. After doing so, I found it to be really annoying and my head gets dizzy one night when I'm having dinner with my friend and I wish I could wash it off my body immedietly. So whenever the past experience of Bvlgari Black pop out in my head, I'll remind myself to stay away from using it daily.

I advise people to use this fragrance only for a certain days in a month, like maybe only twice a week for a night out. This fragrance is more suitable for a night fragrance, because of it's smoky/leathery/woody smell it comes with. So it's not really recommended to use it during the day, but it's not a big deal if you're planning to use it during the day instead of night. Projectivity wise, this fragrance can project really good for the top notes, but when it dries down to middle or base notes it's more towards close to the skin type of fragrance, and people standing far away from you would most probably smell nothing. The lasting power of this fragrance is quite good, it last the whole day for me if I spray it in the morning, it will easily stay up to night with me.

To spray this fragrance on, I normally take one shot on each wrist without rubbing them together, and one shot right in the middle of my neck. Please do not spray on both sides of your neck, because it will get really annoying for your nose TRUST ME!!

So that's all, It's time for bed and I'm getting ready for my class tomorrow again. Hope you guys enjoy reading this review on Bvlgari Black. I'm still thinking what review I will be making for the next one, it's either Davidoff Coolwater, JPG Le Male, Gucci Pour Homme or Burberry London.