Monday, August 30, 2010

Hugo XY & Hugo XX Harmony is Overrated

The reason I posted this perfume up is because, it reminds me of my very first fragrance I bought for myself which is Hugo XY. When I first spray it on my skin, it took me to a whole new level and from that day onwards I'm really obsessed with frangrances.

Hugo XY & XX is the first his and her fragrances from Hugo. I must say that they did a pretty good job for having this two fragrances in their collection. Honestly I don't see that it's one the greatest scent you'll find out there nor the worst scent you'll be smelling out there, but it does give me satisfaction for putting it on.

If you guys actually gone through the description of these two fragrances, Hugo XY & Hugo XX is actually designed for a new generation of men and women who believe that total harmony is no longer the basis for modern relationships and the match between conflict and pure attraction has commerced and that's where tension meets passion.

Here is the sample bottle of Hugo XY & Hugo XX, so sweet isn't it? Make sure that if you're getting Hugo XY/XX for yourself remember to get Hugo XX/XY for your beloved aswell. :)

For the top notes which is the first impression you'll get from Hugo XY is pear tree leaves, as for the middle and base notes you'll be getting a total Iced crushed minty smell coming towards you and that's the part I love the most, It makes me feel refreshing just like being splashed by a pail of Ice water. Lastly for the base notes you'll be getting the smell of Lebanese Cedarwood and that's the part which makes the fragrance a little warm and memorable.

As for Hugo XX the very first impression you'll be getting is the smell of Lychee, Black current and Mandarin. Yummm, isn't that sweet and tasty on a girl? I've actually tested Hugo XX on myself and actually the top notes are quite feminine with some sweet mixture of the three fruits, as it goes down to the middle notes Basmati rice and Jasmine Sambac is all you'll be getting from it. For the basenotes of Hugo XX, it's cedarwood which is again the part that is the softest and most memorable scent you'll get.

Here's a short commercial for Hugo XY & Hugo XX, let this short commercial show you what XY & XX is all about. ENJOY!!!